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Don't worry,these aren't rules which we camp managers keep secret until you unsuspectingly break one and we pounce on you like an unsuspecting bunny with bambi eyes. These items are generally conveyed to the camper during the planning and booking of the camp and are also in the rules which are shared with the campers on and before arrival at the campsite.


Also known as "surefire ways to upset the locals"

  1. Inform the caterers of special diets on arrival at the campground.Special diets need to be planned for in advance as the supplies are large and ordered days in advance.
  2. Make a noise after 10PM.
  3. Arrive without your cutlery or bedding and expect us to provide it free of charge.
  4. Drive on the grass.


  1. Send your booking application when intending to make a booking.
  2. Pay your invoice prior to arrival.
  3. Give your final number of campers one week before camping.