The following birds have been spotted at Kadesh Barnea Camping Centre.The list is by far not complete.You are welcome to contribute by adding birds which you may find on the campsite.

Blackheaded Heron

Cattle Egret

Yellowbilled Egret


Whitefaced Duck

African Black Duck

Blackshouldered Kite

Black Eagle

Steppe Buzzard

Jackal Buzzard

Crested Francolin

Swanson's Francolin

Helmeted Guineafowl

Kurrichane Button Quail

Black Crake


Crowned Plover

Spotted Dikkop

Cape Turtle Dove

Laughing Dove

Grey Lourie

Redchested Cuckoo

Diederik Cuckoo

Burchill's Cuckoo

Spotted Eagle Owl

Speckled Mousebird

Pied Kingfisher

Woodland Kingfisher

Brownhooded Kingfisher


Redbilled Woodhoepoe

Scimitarbilled Woodhoepoe

Grey Hornbill

Blackcollared Barbet

Pied Barbet

Crested Barbet

European Swallow

Redbreasted Swallow

Lesser striped Swallow

Forktailed Drongo

Pied Crow

Arrowmarked Babbler

Blackeyed Bulbul

Kurrichane Thrush

Ground Scraper Thrush

Cape Robin

Whitebrowed Robin

Rattling Cisticola

Fiscal Flycatcher

Paradise Flycatcher

Cape Wagtail

Buffy Pipit

Orange Throated Longclaw

Fiscal Shrike

Crimsonbreasted Shrike

Whitecrowned Shrike

Plumcoloured Starling

Glossy Starling

Redwinged Starling

Whitebellied Starling

Black Sunbird

Cape Sparrow

Masked Weaver

Blue Waxbill

Paradise Whydah

Whitefaced Owl 



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