Our obstacle course is great for team building sessions,isolating leaders,lifeskillstraining or just plain having fun.

Note:If you want to increase the difficulty level on an obstacle simply give your group blind folds or set a time limit.


The Tight Rope

Here your team need simply balance across the tightrope (cable).Off course they can hold onto the top cable for support.  

Balancing Act

Here they can balance across the swinging pole.They can sit stand or slide,any which way is fine as long as they get across.We suggest letting the rest of the group hold the ends to stabilize the swinging pole and increase the chances of getting across.Great for team building.

Up And Over

There are a few different options to tackling this obstacle according to your group skill level.

  1. Your group can climb straight to the top and back down.
  2. They can climb straight up and over.
  3. They can climb up sideways and down sideways. ie starting from the bottom left and climbing to the top right then climbing over and finishing at the bottom left again. 


Untouchable Pole


Just get the tyre off the pole and back on again without you or the tyre touching the pole,simple right.This is where they need to get creative and work together.If it seems to easy just change the rules,maybe they are not allowed to touch each other either.Its up to you,just have fun with it.

 Tyre Climb

Climb on to the tyres on one side ,move across the tyres and off the other side.Again you make the rules as to whether or not they may touch the top pole or not and so on.


There are 2 ways of using this next obstacle,the first one is called cross over.

Cross over  

Starting from the left,put a group of 4 people on each pole with the 2 groups facing each other and partnering up.You can use more or less people if you want to,the number doesnt matter.Each camper must then reach across the gap and grasp the there partners hands.From that position they need to to the other end of the obstacle without letting go or falling.

Criss Cross

Using one pole put 4 people on the right hand side and 4 on the left.The group on the right hand side must get to the left hand side and visa versa but know one may touch the ground.

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